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Moving into Your Tucson Home

 Moving into Your Tucson Home

You can set up your services by calling the numbers provided or by clicking on the hyperlinked service providers to be directed to their websites.

The Tucson area code is (520)
 Electric    Newspaper  
 Tucson Electric Power Company 623-7711  Arizona Daily Star
 TRICO Electric Cooperative  744-2944    
 Gas     Post Office
 Southwest Gas  877-860-6020  Main Post Office
 Water     Sanitation
 Avra Water Co-Op
682-7331  City of Tucson Solid Waste 791-3171
 Flowing Wells Irrigation Dist
887-4192  Waste Management of Tucson
 Forty Niners Country Club Estates
623-5172  Waste Management (Oracle)
 (Southwestern Utility Mgmt)    Pima County Sewer
 Largo Del Oro Water Company
825-3423  Republic-Saguaro Environmental
 Las Quintas Serenas Water Co
625-8040   Discount Sanitation
 Lazy C Water Services  743-0758    
 Marana Water Utility
382-2570  School Districts  
 Metropolitan Water Company
575-8100  Amphitheater #10
 Mt. Lemmon Co-Op Water Co
576-1538  Catalina Foothills #16
 Oro Valley Water Co
229-5000  Flowing Wells #12
 Rancho Sahuarita Water
399-1105  Marana #6
 Ray Water Company
623-1332  Sunnyside #12
 Rincon Ranch Estates Water Co
298-0173  Tanque Verde #13
 Sandario Water Company
623-5172  Tucson Unified #1
 (Southwestern Utility Mgmt)    Vail #20
 Tucson Water  791-3242    
 Vail Water  647-3679  Frequently Requested Numbers  
 Winterhaven Water & Development
327-0111  City of South Tucson
     Motor Vehicle Division
 Cable TV Service    Police Information
 Cox Communications
884-0133  Sun Tran Bus Info  792-9222 
 Comcast Digital Cable
744-1900  Tucson Convention Center
     Structural Pest Control Board 800-223-0618
 Telephone    Tucson Association of Realtors
 Century Link  866-642-0444   Tucson Multiple Listing Service
     Sun Van
 Fire Department - Business Office    Tucson Chamber of Commerce  792-1212
 City of Tucson
791-4512  Metropolitan Tucson Convention
 & Visitors Bureau
624-1817 or
 Drexel Heights
 Golder Ranch
 Rural Metro
 South Tucson Merlin Mail
 Tucson Estates
 Avra Valley  682-3255  Top  


Moving Services
These services providers are recommendations based on client feedback.

Local Movers:

A Team Movers 749-0400

Delivery Doctors 322-4488

US Dept. of Transportation's website for Protecting Yourself When Hiring a Mover


Special Touch Cleaning, Becky Akpan 977-7446


Bruce's Lock Shop 795-7516
4500 E. Speedway
, Suite 81

Although we make these recommendations based on our clients' experience with these service providers, we cannot be responsible for their performance, nor guarantee that your experience will be the same.     Top


Arizona Driver's License and Automobile Information

Information provided by: Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division

State law requires that you obtain a driver license and registration immediately if any one of the following apply. If you:
  • Work in Arizona (other than for seasonal agricultural work)
  • Place children in school without paying the tuition rate of a nonresident
  • Have a business with an office in Arizona, and that bases and operates vehicles in this state
  • Obtain a state license or pay school tuition fees at the same rate as an Arizona resident
  • Have a business that operates vehicles to transport goods or passengers within Arizona
  • Remain in Arizona for a total of 7 months or more during any calendar year, regardless of your permanent residence

An "out-of-state student" enrolled with 7 or more semester hours is not considered a resident, even if employed.

Military personnel based in Arizona who qualify for exemption under the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act are not considered Arizona residents.

Driver's Licenses:

Arizona issues an extended driver\'s license that continues until age 65. However, photo and vision screenings need to be updated every 12 years. At 60 years and over, drivers receive a 5-year license that requires photo and vision updates. The 5-year license is also available for temporary Arizona residents such as students or military personnel and their families. Foreign applicants will be processed in accordance with Arizona authorized presence requirements. All applicants must provide 2 valid forms of proof of age and identity.     Top

Auto Registration, License Plates, and Titles:

When you buy a vehicle, Arizona law requires that you apply for a title within 15 days of purchase. If your vehicle was registered in another state and you wish to operate it in Arizona, you must register it in Arizona as soon as you become an Arizona resident.

Most vehicles may be registered for either one or two years at a time. (Some vehicles must be emission tested every year, and are therefore not eligible for two year registration.) Permanent registration will be issued for the following:

  • Noncommercial trailers with a declared gross vehicle weight (GVW) of less than 6,000 lbs (one-time $125 registration fee)
  • Commercial trailers with a declared GVW of more than 10,000 lbs (one-time $800 registration fee)
  • All-terrain and off-road recreational vehicles that operate only on dirt roads located in unincorporated areas of Arizona must be titled and have a plate, but are exempt from registration and insurance requirements.

The following steps must be taken in order to obtain an Arizona title, registration and license plate for a vehicle previously titled or registered in another state:

1. The make, vehicle identification number (VIN), body style, and other general vehicle information must be verified at an MVD or authorized Third Party office prior to registration. In addition, if there are obvious safety or mechanical flaws, registration may be denied until repairs are completed.

2. Your vehicle must be emissions tested. Emissions testing is run by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Car Care Hotline: (877) 692-9227 Tucson: (520) 745-4536.

3. Arizona requires that every motor vehicle be covered by liability insurance through a company that is authorized to do business in Arizona. This includes golf carts, motorcycles and mopeds.

Minimum levels of financial responsibility are: $15,000 bodily injury liability for one person and $30,000 for two or more persons. $10,000 property damage liability.

Your out-of-state title and registration must be surrendered at the time of application for Arizona title and registration. When a loan has been recorded against the vehicle and the title is being held by a lender in another state, the registration is still needed, although the title may not be required.

Driver's licenses, license plates, registration, and titles can be obtained at MVD locations.     Top


Dog Registration
Information provided by Pima Animal Care Center

The state of Arizona requires that all dogs over 3 months of age be licensed. The license should be worn by your dog on their collar. You will need proof of current rabies vaccination before licensing your dog.

You can obtain your license with proof of shots at the
Pima Animal Care Center
4000 N. Silverbell Rd.

In order to obtain a license, you will need to provide a Vaccination Certificate signed by a licensed Veterinarian containing the following information:
  • Vaccine manufacturers name
  • Type of vaccine used (MLV or Killed)
  • Serial or Lot Number
  • Date vaccination was given
  • Veterinarian´s name
  • How long the vaccine is valid
The price of a license depends on the age of your dog and if they have been spayed/neutered. Be prepared to submit a copy of your dog's spay/neuter certificate.

Or you can obtain your dog's shots and purchase a license at the locations provided by Pima Animal Care Center.     Top

Voter Registration

Mail-in voter registration forms can be picked up at the locations provided by the Pima County Recorder's office. You must be registered at least 29 days prior to the local or national election in which you plan to vote.     Top

Public Library

You can obtain a Pima County Public Library card at any of the library branches. The first card is free.     Top

Time Zone

The State of Arizona is located in the Mountain Standard Time Zone (MST), and is one of the two U.S. states that does not make an adjustment for Daylight Savings Time. This results in Arizona having the same time as the Pacific Daylight Time Zone during the months of April through October.